De-silting Darlands Lake

Proposed works 2023 - 2025

Although fundraising continues, the Darlands Conservation Trust is now able to commit to the de-silting of Darlands Lake.

The silt has built up over many decades such that the water is now only a few centimetres deep, and the lake dries out in prolonged periods of dry weather.

The Trust intends to restore the lake to an average depth of approximately 1.5 metres which will ensure that the lake will be able to support a much wider range of wildlife.

The project area will be extensive as large lagoons will be created to store the many tonnes of silt that need to be removed. An area of scrub in excess of three acres, including some young trees, will be removed to facilitate this.

Some woodland management will also be necessary to allow access to the large machinery needed. However, this will enhance light conditions for the woodland flowers and improve views of the lake.

Great care has been taken to minimize disturbance to wildlife, and both formal and informal surveys have been undertaken to ensure that no protected species will be endangered. To avoid disturbing the breeding season, scrub clearance will take place in October with a follow-up cut in early spring. The necessary tree removal will take place in the autumn/winter of 2023.

Following analysis of the breeding pattern of the birds that inhabit the reserve, the de-silting itself is planned to begin in July 2024 and will take approximately three months.

© Dianne Murphy